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Save The Everglades
Save The Everglades
(Judith Bauer Stamper, Alex Haley, Allen Davis)

Save The EvergladesSave The Everglades (October 1992)
Save The Everglades describes the successful efforts of concerned citizens to stop construction of a jetport that would have destroyed the Florida Everglades.
Save The Everglades is accurate account of how very different people who all shared a love of nature fought to stop political leaders and real estate developers in Miami, Florida from building what would have been the world's largest airport, just a few miles from Everglades National Park and within the Big Cypress Swamp, the wildest and richest part of the Florida Everglades.
Hunters, alligator poachers, Miccosukee Indians, school children and environmental leaders, Joe Browder and Marjory Stoneman Douglas, started a national campaign that convinced President Nixon of the United States to withdraw federal money and permits for the airport project, and then to buy the Big Cypress and make it part of the Everglades protected by the National Parks System.
Judith Bauer Stamper is a published author of several children's books. Some of her published credits include: Save The Everglades (Stories of America), Magic School Bus: The Wild Leaf Ride (Turtleback) and Go, Fractions! (All Aboard Math Reader)
Allen Davis is a published author and illustrator of children's books. Some of his published credits include: Save The Everglades (Stories of America), Peter Pan (Great Illustrated Classics) and Chipmunk at Hollow Tree Lane.
Alex Haley, as General Editor, wrote the following introduction:
Introduction By Alex Haley, General Editor
Life is about choosing. Some choices are simple. Do you brush your teeth before or after you eat breakfast? Do you do your chores before or after your favorite TV show comes on?
But some choices are a lot harder to make than those two. Do you build a factory that will bring jobs to the community even if it also brings pollution and overcrowding? You might say no if you have a job, but yes if you need one. You might say no if you live near the factory, but yes if you own a restaurant nearby where the factory workers will surely eat lunch.
People in communities face choices like this all the time. Often they come into conflict over them. Save The Everglades is a story about one such conflict and how it was resolved. ~ Alex Haley.
(The above Foreword by Alex Haley is presented under the Creative Commons License. © 1993 Dialogue Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)
Save The Everglades • Reviews
"It is a woman's business to be interested in the environment. It's an extended form of housekeeping." - Marjory Stoneman Douglas.
"While written as a social studies textbook for young children, Save The Everglades is the most accurate account ever published about the time so many years ago when environmentalists, Native Americans and the people who lived and hunted in the Everglades joined together to protect America's most endangered National Park." - Tracys Landing, Maryland.
"Save The Everglades tells the story of Joe Browder's successful 1969 effort to defeat the planned construction of a major airport 50 miles from Miami in the Big Cypress Swamp. As head of the Miami chapter of the U.S. National Audubon Society, Browder felt that his only chance to stop the destructive development in the swamp would be to gain support from others. He convinced both old-time alligator hunter Gator Bill and Miccosukee chief Buffalo Tiger to join his fight." - Scottsdale, Arizona.
"For Joe Browder, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and the Friends of the Everglades, the Florida wetlands are a priceless environmental treasure. When a surpersonic jetport is planned for construction in Big Cypress Swamp, both the swamp and the Everglades are threatened." - Cambium Learning.
"Joe Browder's national environmental leadership is the topic of a social studies textbook distributed to schools throughout the U.S. (Save The Everglades, Stamper, General Editor Alex Haley, Steck Vaughn, 1992). He is one of a small number of global experts on environment and development recognized by the Managing Global Issues project of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He was the first Conservation Director of Friends of the Earth, and was the first Treasurer of the League of Conservation Voters, the national environmental political campaign committee." - Dunlap & Browder.

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