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Dragon Parade: A Chinese New Year Story
Dragon Parade: A Chinese New Year Story
(Steven A. Chin, Alex Haley, Mou-Sien Tseng)

Dragon Parade: A Chinese New Year StoryDragon Parade (October 1992)
Dragon Parade is a fictionalized account of Norman Ah Sing who is a successful, newly-arrived Chinese grocer in the San Francisco of the 1850s.
He is thrilled to be in the Land of the Golden Mountain. He talks to other Chinese owners and plans a Chinese New Year like they had in China. This prompts him to invite all to celebrate the Lunar New Year and to organize the first big celebration in 1851 Chinatown.
Steven A. Chin is a published author of children's books. Some of his credits include: Dragon Parade: A Chinese New Year Story, When Justice Failed: The Fred Korematsu Story and The Success of Gordon H. Chong and Associates.
Mou-Sien Tseng has contributed to Dragon Parade: A Chinese New Year Story as an illustrator. Tseng, who was born and raised in Taiwan, is the only artist living outside China to have received the Golden Globe Award for excellence in Chinese painting from the National Art Association in Taiwan.
Note: The most vibrant and colorful festival in the Chinese calendar is the Lunar New Year when the whole of Chinatown is ablaze with lights from ceremonial red lanterns, and the streets are bedecked with traditional decorations mainly in red, the color of good luck. The celebration starts with family reunion dinner on New Year's Eve, followed by visitations over the next few days.
Alex Haley, as General Editor, wrote the following introduction note:
A Note From Alex Haley, General Editor
This is a book about new starts. America has given new starts to millions of people from all over the world. It gave one to Norman Ah Sing, whom you will read about in Dragon Parade.
The coming of a new year also gives people a chance for a new start. And this book about that, too. It is about how Chinese and Chinese Americans begin the New Year—with a celebration and a new start. ~ Alex Haley.
(The above Foreword by Alex Haley is presented under the Creative Commons License. © 1993 Dialogue Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)
Dragon Parade: A Chinese New Year Story • Reviews
"I added this book to my project for multi-cultural children's book in the class for children's literature. The text shows how Chinese people get ready for New Year and it, inviting people home with a lot of food, putting red papaer in the house, or putting on a new clothe. It is so fun to see what they do looking at the colorful pictures. It does not contain historical background in detail; however, it is a good children's book to introduce children to other culture and evoke their interest." - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
"Dragon Parade is a story about the first Chinese New Year Celebration in San Francisco 1851. A great story with great illustrations to learn about the early lives of Chinese immigrants." - Cambium Learning.
"Nonfiction book but reads like a storybook. Norman came from China to San Francisco, thinking the streets were paved in gold and he would be rich easily. He soon found that he had to work hard to be rich. He opened a grocery store and becomes successful selling to miners who are looking for gold. He talks to other Chinese owners and plans a Chinese New year like they had in China. They invite people from all over San Francisco. It is the start of the famous Chinatown New Year.." - Goodreads Review.
"Norman Ah Sing, a young Chinese man, leaves his homeland for the Land of the Golden Mountain—San Francisco. Within a year, he has established a successful grocery store. For the New Year Celebration, he organizes a Dragon Parade and a feast to share his customs with the people of San Francisco." - School Library Journal.

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