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Alex Haley: The Man Who Traced America's Roots
Alex Haley: The Man Who Traced America's Roots
Alex Haley: The Man Who Traced America's Roots is a collection of articles the Pulitzer Prize-winning author wrote for Reader's Digest from 1954 to 1991. Haley's stories are timeless, as powerful and relevant today as when they were first written. In 1966, Alex Haley, a contributing writer for Reader's Digest, wanted to tell his family's "story-history." For ten years, Reader's Digest financed Haley's research and travel. The result of this historic collaboration was Roots: The Saga of An American Family, the Pulitzer-winning book.

Alex Haley: The Man Who Traced America's Roots
Alex Haley: His Life His WorksAlex Haley: His Life His Works (2007)
"Roots changed the way we think about race in this country and profoundly affected the lives of many people. We are proud to present these important and timeless works by Haley that broaden our nation's understanding and appreciation of the black experience in America." - Jackie Leo, Editor-In-Chief, Reader's Digest.
For the first time ever, Reader's Digest is publishing Alex Haley: The Man Who Traced America's Roots—a collection of articles the Pulitzer Prize-winning author wrote for Reader's Digest from 1954 to 1991. In this 176-page paperback book, Haley shares stories of triumph and resilience, of race and inequality, and the search that led to the groundbreaking book and TV miniseries, Roots.
This special collection includes an excerpt from Roots and the candid article "Aboard The African Star" in which Haley reveals his struggles as a professional writer and as a man. This edition also features an introduction from Lawrence Otis Graham, one of the nation's leading experts on race, politics and class in America.
At a 1966 gathering with Reader's Digest editors and co-founder, Lila Acheson Wallace, Haley pitched the idea of traveling to Africa to write a "story history" of his family. Reader's Digest financially supported Haley's research efforts over the next eight years as he traveled three continents and traced seven generations of ancestors across half a million miles. In 1974, Reader's Digest published the first excerpts from Roots in a breakthrough article.
This special edition also includes an additional chapter entitled What Roots Means To Me, featuring testimonials from Colin Powell, B.B. King, Robert Johnson and Halle Berry.
Haley's relationship with Reader's Digest spanned close to four decades, beginning with the publication of The Harlem Nobody Knows in 1954, and continuing with articles such as Mr. Muhammad Speaks (March 1960), about the controversial Muslim leader Elijah Muhammad. In The Man Who Wouldn't Quit (March 1963), Haley describes the indignities his brother experienced as one of the first black students to integrate the all white University of Arkansas School of Law in 1949. A sense of optimism is pervasive in his stories about such legends as gospel singer Mahalia Jackson (She Makes a Joyful Music) and Wilma Rudolph, (The Girl Who Wouldn't Give Up), the track star who overcame childhood paralysis to become the first American woman to win three Olympic gold medals. These are a few of the articles that appear in Alex Haley: The Man Who Traced America's Roots.
Table of Contents

Introduction: Lawrence Otis Graham - Page 7
Stories of Triumph - Page 13
She Makes a Joyful Music - Page 14
The Girl Who Wouldn't Give Up - Page 20
The Jumpingest Man On Earth - Page 28
Race and Resilience - Page 35
The Harlem Nobody Knows - Page 36
The Man Who Wouldn't Quit - Page 42
Mr. Muhammad Speaks - Page 50
The Man On The Train - Page 58
The Search Begins - Page 65
The Amazing Grace of John Newton - Page 66
The Shadowland of Dreams - Page 74
Aboard The African Star - Page 80
My Search For Roots - Page 86
The Legacy - Page 95
Roots - Page 96
What Roots Means To Me - Page 158
What Roots Means To ... - Page 164
Paperback 174 Pages - ISBN 978-0762108855
Alex Haley: The Man Who Traced America's Roots • Bonus DVD
Alex Haley: The Man Who Traced America's RootsHosted by Lynn Sherr of ABC News
Alex Haley: The Man Who Traced America's Roots contains a companion DVD featuring never-before-seen footage and audio of Alex Haley. Created in conjunction with the 30th Anniversary of Haley's award-winning Roots, this special volume includes the original excerpt of the epic book as it first appeared in Reader's Digest as well as a never-before published talk in which Alex Haley describes his despair while trying to complete his monumental task of recording his family's history.
This volume also includes a 30-minute bonus DVD of Haley talking about his life, and testimonials from Halle Berry, B.B. King, Vernon Jordan, and others about what Roots means to them.
The documentary DVD also features exclusive footage of Alex Haley speaking to Reader's Digest employees about his life experiences, including his travels to Africa and his first encounter with Malcolm X. The program is hosted by Lynn Sherr of ABC News.
When the younger generation of readers and viewers buy the book and watch the film—and see actors LeVar Burton, Ben Vereen, Ed Asner, Leslie Uggams and others breathe life into Haley's family history, they will also understand why Roots helped to introduce people of all races to the issues surrounding the American South and how blacks and whites interacted through several generations.
"I hope you will get the reissue of Roots as well as the new Alex Haley: The Man Who Traced America's Roots collection. Reader's Digest has arranged that a percentage of each copy sold will be donated to the United Negro College Fund to aid scholarship opportunities for needy students." - Lawrence Otis Graham.
Alex Haley: The Man Who Traced America's Roots • Reviews
"I was very impressed with the manner in which the book is written. Very detailed and thorough in giving details of events as they unfolded, all from his imagination. I felt the intensity and pain as Mr. Haley shared experiences, both personal and those of his ancestors. The most intriguing part is the revelation of his path that led him to the most profound documentary I have ever viewed. The book accompanied me on a trip and was just enough for me to read during my flight. Great Work!" - Little Rock, Arkansas.
"I'm so proud of Reader's Digest for doing this book 30 years later, because in revisiting, you get a sense of what is real and what is important. And the important thing is that we are people who have been brought to this country, all of us, to make a better world." - Ben Vereen, Actor Who Portrayed Chicken George In Roots.
"Alex Haley's love of history, curiosity and eloquence led him to become a quintessential American storyteller. He brought out the best of African American life, achievement and culture, while demonstrating that the roots of the human spirit run deep." - Tavis Smiley, Author, Television And Radio Host.
"This book will not only help a new generation of readers to enjoy more fully the significance of Roots but also make people ask the question, Where do I come from? This is not a question for African Americans, but for all humanity to share." - Michael L. Lomax, PHD, President And CEO, United Negro College Fund.
"This book is an amazing collection of the original works of Alex Haley and should be considered a major asset to the library of book lovers everywhere. Many people have heard of Roots and the impact it had on race relations, but this book goes so much further. It emphasizes more of Haley's thoughts on many issues such as family, race, status, and also his own personal highs and lows. The DVD included with actual portions of his speeches and interviews makes this a great gift and collector's item." - Rawsistaz Literary Group.

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