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Mama Flora's Family
Mama Flora's Family: A Novel
Mama Flora's Family is a novel by Alex Haley. The story begins with Flora, a daughter of poor black sharecroppers at her home in Mississippi. She vowed to find a better world for her children. Even if she had to make it herself. It is a sweeping epic of contemporary history that weaves an unforgettable story of one family, three generations, and their search for the American dream.

Mama Flora's Family
Mama Flora's Family: A Novel
In the tradition of Roots and Queen, Mama Flora's Family is a sweeping epic of contemporary American history, culled from the unpublished works of award-winning writer Alex Haley. It is the poignant story of three generations of an African-American family who start out as destitute sharecroppers in Tennessee.
Mama Flora is the heart and strength of the family, shepherding her children through hard times after the murder of her husband by white landholders. She has passionate ambitions for her son Willie, but he dashes her dreams by abandoning his church-going roots and moving to Chicago. After fighting in the Second World War, he marries his childhood sweetheart and struggles to build a new urban life for his family.
Flora's dreams are realized by Ruthana, her sister's child, whom Mama Flora adopts. Ruthana graduates from college, and as a social worker in Harlem, counsels underprivileged women. Through her love for the radical poet, Ben, Ruthana begins to understand her heritage and after a sojourn in Africa comes to a redemptive understanding of herself.
In Chicago, Willie's twin son and daughter embrace Muslim militancy and Black Power, and eventually, drugs in their rocky road through the 1960s. Mama Flora struggles to maintain her family, but she also is caught up in the turbulent times.
Mama Flora's Family is an American tale as dramatic and touching as anything Alex Haley ever wrote.
In November 1998, the novel was adapted as a two part television miniseries staring Cicely Tyson, Blair Underwood, Mario Van Peebles, Queen Latifah and Erika Alexander. In 1999, Cicely Tyson won an Image Award for her role as Mama Flora.

Listen To An Excerpt From The Audio Cassette
Mama Flora's Family: A Novel
Simon & Schuster Audiobook Excerpt
Narrator: Debbi Morgan  October 1, 1998
Mama Flora's Family
This three-hour miniseries is based on author Alex Haley's epic story, which was finished by co-author David Stevens after Haley's death in 1992. Covering the 1920s – 1970s, the story centers on Mama Flora, the matriarch of a large black family who is determined to keep her brood together and close to their God during rapidly changing and tempestuous times.
Mama Flora's Family
Mama Flora's Family • Video Trailer
With the standout cast including Cicely Tyson (Roots) as Flora, Blair Underwood (Deep Impact), Queen Latifah (Living Out Loud) and Mario Van Peebles (Highlander II), Flora's story begins amid the racial strife of the American south in the early 1900's.
Mama Flora endures one tragedy after another while raising her family. First, as a teenaged servant, Flora gets pregnant and is forced to give the child up. Then when she does marry, her husband is killed and their property burned.
After losing her husband, Flora boldly heads north to make a fresh start. There she and her children are soon caught up in the struggles of the Great Depression, two devastating world wars and the chaos of the Civil Rights and Black Panther movements. On their generations-long quest for justice and identity in modern America, the only constant is Flora's unconditional love—a love that binds her beloved family with the one bond that can never be broken.
Mama Flora's Family • Cast Members
•  Cicely Tyson - Mama Flora•  Erika Alexander - Young Mama Flora•  Blair Underwood - Willie
•  Queen Latifah - Diana Owens•  Mario Van Peebles - Luke•  Hill Harper - Don
•  Wynton Yates - Don (Teenager)•  Sicily - Diana (Teenager)•  Patty Mack - Pearl (1913-1919)
•  Michelle Cooper - Pearl (1932-1942)•  Novella Nelson - Pearl (1955-1970)•  Wesley Yates - Booker Palmer (Age 8)
•  Preston Brant - Booker Palmer (Older)•  Lou Myers - Albie•  Elijah Kelley - Young Willie
•  Tommy Hollis - Reverend Jackson•  Tanya Wright - Ernestine•  Mike Masters - Ben
•  Angelina Spicer - Ruthana (Teenager)•  David Ramsey - Booker T. Palmer (Adult)•  Donna Biscoe - Jessica
•  Rhoda Griffis - Mrs. Hopkins (Young)•  Edith Ivey - Mrs. Hopkins (Older)•  Carol Mitchell-Leon - Flora's Mama
•  Shashawnee Hall - Ab•  Tom Even - Judge Bennett•  Tom Turbiville - Officer Kowalski
•  Patrick Reid Binion - Officer Vizzo•  Johnny Cenicola - Sam Phillips (Age 8)•  Mitchell Laurance - State's Attorney
•  Kathryn Firago - Mrs. Phillips•  Terrence Dashon Howard - Lincoln•  Timothy Michaels - Kevin Hopkins (Boy)
•  Leland L. Jones - Deacon Sanford•  Thomas Jefferson Byrd - Flora's Pa•  Peter Katona - Sam Phillips (Young)
•  Tonea Stewart - Bessie•  Jody Thompson - Another Boy•  Benji Wilhoite - White Boy
•  Ronald McCall - Johnny Metzer•  E. Roger Mitchell - Charlie (1912)•  Gregory Alan Williams - Charlie (1941)
•  John Lawhorn - Porter #1•  Endia Yates - Ruthana (Age 5)•  Cekoya Tolbert - Ruthana (Age 10)
•  David Kote - Louis•  Alex Van - Ralph•  Stuart Culpepper - General Whitlow
•  Jordan Williams - Kevin Hopkins (Older)•  Janice White Nelson - Mary Mitchell•  Frank Hoyt Taylor - Mr. Anderson
•  Don Henderson Baker - Clerk (1955)•  Stuart Greer - Foreman•  Jonathan Parks Jordan - Gavin Hopkins
•  Angela Thigpen - Victoria•  Georgia Allen - Nana Fleming•  Shawn Shepard - Black Soldier
•  Bob King - Farmer (1920)•  Kedren Werner - Maertha•  Eliott Keener - Medicine Man
•  Sharon Blackwood - Older Nurse•  Gerald Brown - Another Man (1941)•  Ron Leggett - Hank
•  Annie Joe Edwards - Landlady•  Tony Vaughn - Man (1941)•  Erik Kilpatrick - Reggie
•  Libby Whittemore - Nurse•  Angela Elayne Gibbs - Woman with Baby•  Richie Dye - Star Café Manager
•  Mert Hatfield - Sheriff•  Jill Jane Clements - Waitress•  Wendy Boatright - Shapely Blonde
•  Craig Winkleman - Young Man•  James Mayberry - Blood Donor #1•  Wilbur Fitzgerald - Public Defender
Mama Flora's Family • Reviews
"This movie was very touching from start to finish. It is not as powerful as Roots of course but then again what movie is? It's a generational story of a woman named Flora who survives the remnants of slavery to the 21st century. She was consider stubborn as a mule and I think that stubbornness is what made her the heartbeat of the family. Flora had the respect of her family and community. I know that slavery is a heavy stain on American History but it is American History. To understand it you have to see both sides of the story. You don't have to be an African American to enjoy this movie. It is an American story of love, hatred, sacrifice and hope. Mama Flora's Family is a definite must see." - Sunrise, Florida.
"I have viewed many movies. Mama Flora's Family is truly one of the best I've seen in a long time. The movie displayed emotions that seem to have been forgotten in most families. Flora had a mission and set out to put her family where they needed to be no matter the cost. The Writer had to have been deeply inspired to write sure a epic movie. Thank You for presenting such a classic for good CLEAN Family Viewing." - Marion, Michigan.
"I must have cried or come close watching this movie about a dozen times. This is a great movie about a strong lady who has survived so many upheavals in her life as a poor black woman who never loses her sense of self worth or the importance of integrity. Cicely Tyson is wonderful as always, and Erika Alexander has the ability to act well without saying a word as the young Flora. It takes a great actress to speak with her eyes the way Alexander did!" - Buzzards Bay, Massachusets.
"I saw the network premiere of this movie a few years ago, and I feel deeply in love with it. The movie was so real, and it seemed nobody was actually acting, that's when a movie is real good. Cicely Tyson delivered a academy performance as always, and Queen Latifah was just as good. Other than set it off this is her best role yet." - Westland, Michigan.
"This movie was well written and the acting was superb. I have never seen Blair Underwood in such a role and he was great. A good look into family life of black Americans. Cicely Tyson is particular about movies that she makes and they are usually very good. This one is no different. Queen Latifah has developed the same reputation. She has not disappointed me yet in a film." - Garfield, New Jersey.
"I must admit I found this piece of work to be a great tribute to Alex Haley and my hat goes off to Cicely Tyson who still has the great ability to make us feel. I must say that Queen Latifah (Dana Owens) is such a talent (Whew!!) I also thought that Hill Harper, Blair Underwood, Leland L. Jones and of course the rest of the cast were well picked. Much success to all the cast and crew especially to Director Peter Werner III for seeing the vision and making it come to life before our eyes." - Hollywood California.

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