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Haley Heritage Square • Knoxville, Tennessee
Haley Heritage Square • Knoxville, Tennessee
A 13-foot bronze statue of author, storyteller and humanitarian Alex Haley in a striking pose accents Haley Heritage Square. The Statue, sculpted by internationally acclaimed sculptor Tina Allen, depicts Haley gazing toward the Smoky Mountains. Alex Haley spent the last fourteen years of his life in East Tennessee. For more information, please call Knoxville Parks Tourism: (865) 215-4311.

Alex Haley Heritage Square
Haley Heritage Square
1600 Dandridge Avenue Knoxville, TN 37915
Phone: (800) 727-8045  Fax: (865) 673-4400
Knoxville Tourism E-Mail:
Haley Heritage Square's development involved a broad cross section of the Knoxville, Tennessee and our national and international communities. Construction began in the fall of 1994 and the African-American Appalachian Arts, Inc., celebrated with the Greater Knoxville Community by unveiling Haley Heritage Square during the state Bicentennial, June 1996. Haley Heritage Square stands as a permanent tribute to our cultural diversity, integrity, and good-will for all humanity.
Haley Heritage Square is located on the slopes of Morningside Park, a green space with a commanding view of historic Knoxville, the downtown business district and the Smoky Mountains. The site is easily accessible to interstate travelers. Above the park, at the top of the gently sloping hillside, is Haley Heritage Square. Long one of the most beautiful stops on the fall color tour, the park is a favorite of bicyclists, walkers and joggers; readings are held. The existing facility is complemented by the addition of Heritage Walk, an area dedicated to other well-known writers and prominent Tennesseans, as well as an amphitheater for special presentations and events.
The focal point of the Square is a 13 foot high bronze statue of Alex Haley, created by internationally acclaimed artist Tina Allen.
Allen has depicted Haley as a man of the people, dressed in casual clothes; sitting beside a stream; reading a book and gazing at the Smoky Mountains he loved. Visitors can gaze up at his warm, friendly face, forever lost in thought. His left hand holds a copy of his book Roots, while his right hand reaches out, as though punctuating a story he's telling. In searching for his roots, this master storyteller found a story of love for humankind.
The vision of Haley Heritage Square also includes a visitor center, located high on a hill, where people can learn more about the author, and the history and culture of the region. That vision includes programs; such as literacy classes, writing workshops, documentaries and scholarships. These programs will stand as a living memorial to a great humanitarian.
Because Haley's monumental work Roots has been translated into more than 38 languages, Haley Heritage Square could attract visitors from around the globe. How fitting that these people, from many different backgrounds, will not only have a place to do their genealogical research, but will also have a place for family reunions.
The programs carried on at Haley Heritage Square will be the final chapter in Alex Haley's life, written by people he never met, living the lesson they learned from him, that "you can never enslave somebody who knows who he is."

Haley Heritage Square • Knoxville, Tennessee
The 10th Anniversary of Haley Statue
Avon Williams Rollins, Sr.
Haley Heritage Square Was Dedicated In February of 1998 Avon is The Director / CEO of The Beck Cultural Exchange Center

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Haley Heritage Square • Knoxville, Tennessee • Testimonials
Alex Haley Statue: "Alex Haley Square is a part of Morningside Park in east Knoxville. The park is renown across the United States for having the only 13 foot high bronze statue of author and Pulitzer prize winner, Alex Haley. Haley is best known for his book Roots, in which he traced his origins back to Africa. His book was made into an acclaimed television mini-series." - Knoxville Parks & Nature.
Visiting Haley Heritage Square In Knoxville: "In the middle of Haley Heritage Square is a gorgeous bronze statue that stands 13 feet tall. It is a statue of the famous author of Roots, Alex Haley. This statue is surrounded by a nice city park and a lively playground, which both make a great backdrop for such an interesting monument. The design is of him looking up toward the majestic Smoky Mountain Range. This talented author had actually spent the last fourteen years of his interesting life living in the Eastern Tennessee area, which makes a sculpture in Knoxville so fitting." - US Coachways, Inc.
Haley Heritage Square History: "The Alex Haley statue was designed by sculptress Tina Allen and cast in bronze in New York City. It weighs 4,200 pounds and was dedicated in 1998. It is the largest statue of an African American in the country." - City of Knoxville.
Volunteers Spruce Up Alex Haley Heritage Square: "The Alex Haley statue is actually the largest African-American statue in the nation, and we thought it was a perfect project for Martin Luther King Day, so we're really just trying to revitalize the square and make it look magnificent. You always want to tribute the great ones because one day, hopefully, we'll have some more great ones like these young people here working with us today." - Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development (SEEED) Volunteers.
Distinguished Bronze Statue of Alex Haley: "Alex Haley Heritage Square sits on the slopes of Morningside Park, presenting a commanding view of historic Knoxville, the downtown business district and the Smoky Mountains. Within the Alex Haley Heritage Square there are play structures, a paved loop and a peaceful green space with benches. The focal point of this community-built playground is the stunning 13' high bronze statue of author and Pulitzer prize winner Alex Haley. Designed by internationally acclaimed artist, Tina Allen, Haley sits, reading a book and gazing at the Smoky Mountains he loved. His left hand holds a copy of his book Roots, while his right hand reaches out, as though punctuating a story he's telling." - Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center, Legacy Parks Foundation.
Haley Heritage Square AddressMorningside Park Information
1600 Dandridge Ave Knoxville, TN 37915
Parks Tourism Phone: (865) 215-4311
Parks Director:
Park Is Open From Dawn To Dusk
Morningside Park Consists of 23 Acres
Website: Alex Haley Heritage Square
Please See The Morningside Park Directions page To Arrive Safely To Haley Square.
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