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A Different Kind of Christmas
A Different Kind of Christmas
Alex Haley's Roots is one of the world's most beloved and important books. In A Different Kind of Christmas, the intense drama of a white Southerner and a black slave who work toward a mutual goal, Alex Haley once again gives us a moving story of physical and moral courage, and an unforgettable tale of spiritual regeneration. Rendered with a matchless sense of time and place, a poetic humanness, and a rich, robust humor, A Different Kind of Christmas will delight and inspire readers of all ages and faiths for generations to come.

A Different Kind of Christmas
Alex Haley A Different Kind of ChristmasA Different Kind of Christmas (1988)
The awakening of a white Southerner to the evil of slavery is the subject of this novella, for readers of all ages. It is a very special novel that sparkles with the same memorable writing that made Roots an American classic.
Alex Haley said, "All of the characters in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental."
A Different Kind of Christmas is the story of Fletcher Randall, a nineteen-year-old white Southerner from North Carolina whose politically powerful father is a plantation owner, and, of course, a slave owner. The time is 1855 and all Fletcher knows and believes about slavery he has learned from his father.
But Fletcher goes to school up North, and one or two of his Princeton classmates talk about how wrong slavery is until Fletcher begins to think for himself—and he becomes a traitor to his background, to his family, by conspiring to aid in a mass escape of slaves on the Underground Railroad.
His partner in this plan is a black slave by the name Harpin' John, a man who plays the harmonica so sweetly it could make a grown man cry. Christmas Eve is the secret date set for the escape.
How these two men of such incredibly opposing backgrounds join together to achieve the goal of freedom makes A Different Kind of Christmas soar with unforgettable inspiration. It is a timeless tale of spiritual regeneration, moral courage, and powerful humanness, meaningful and memorable to readers of all faiths and ages. You can also read the Alex Haley Interview about A Different Kind of Christmas.
A Different Kind of Christmas • Reviews
"This is an absolutely wonderful book to read to your children at Christmas as well as an uplifting story about human kindness. It is a shame that it is not more well known because it is a gem." - Chesapeake, Virginia.
"A Different Kind of Christmas is fascinating because it gives a peek into our psyche. It's a story about separating from our parents. Then, struggling to keep or move away from what we have been taught traditionally. This is not an easy process. However, it is a process each of us experience. It is a good story for anyone interested in the awakening of the human spirit and the difference one human can make. This novel speaks of understanding and compassion amidst human greed and cruelty." - Oakland, California.
"This little tale is filled with information on the abolitionist movement while at the same time delivers a fable like story that appeals to children and adults. This is an excellent read for children. As an ongoing bedtime story or independent read, the novel portrays an integral part of American history in an easily readable format. This will make a nice addition to children's libraries." - Chicago, Illinois.
"Alex Haley was such a brilliant story-teller. This book is a total classic. It's a quick read but you definitely bond with the characters, feeling their emotions. Anyone who has every questioned the status quo would enjoy this book." - Denver, Colorado.
"I normally have about three books I'm reading at any given time but this one is very good and I just couldn't put it down. It is eight chapters loaded with exciting tidbits about the Underground Railroad, life in the South and life at college. All that lead expertly to an exciting conclusion, but more importantly, leaves the reader soul searching in a very positive way." - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
"I never read Haley until now and I am sorry it has taken so long.The story starts off like an after school special but suddenly picks up speed and turns into an amazing novel. Haley has a way to spark your imagination. I thought about this book for a long time. I guess what I got out of it was how each of us can over come our perceived ideas and become better people." - Carmel, Indiana.

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